Horse Racing Tips: The Ultimate Betting Guide

Horse racing tips


Horse racing seems to divide communities between people who like a racing bet and believe they can win and others who think they will never win, think it is corrupt and will never try. It is a known fact that bookies have the upper hand when taking on the average punter and this is the reason, they are the some of the most profitable companies on the planet. On the flip side, if you follow in the footsteps of a few, there is the possibility to beat the bookies at their own game and make millions. A few people who have managed to claim this elite status include Barney Curley, Patrick Veitch, Bill Benter and Harry Findlay to name a few. To Achieve this accolade, they all have two things in common: 1) a system and 2) discipline. At Racing Room, we intend to provide you with the horse racing tips system. It is up to you to install the discipline.


Who is the best horse tipster?

You have to be very careful when picking a tipster to follow as this is your hard earned money you’ll be risking and due to the the ‘greyness’ of the industry, there are a lot of self-proclaimed tipsters who aren’t anything more than lucky when it comes to their racing knowledge.

We often get asked ‘who is the best horse tipster’ and of course, we like to think it is Racing Room and we have the points profit to back this up with over 800 points profit per year. This means betting £100 per point, you would be making £80,000 profit per year.

Aside from the obvious profits above, who you join will have a big impact on your own racing knowledge over the coming years. If you join a service that texts you a couple of horses each day, what are you really going to learn? Nothing. However, if you join a community of experts, jockeys, trainers, owners… and newbies alike then you are going to learn a huge amount. Keep this in mind when selecting your tipster before you pick a free tipping service that gets paid/funded by the bookies like ,  or .


What is NAP horse racing tips? / What is NAP of the day?

A ‘NAP’ in horse racing terms is your best bet of the day. This is nothing to do with the odds or return, it is simply the bet believed to have the highest chance of showing as a win.

When you start any horse tipping service, you would want to look our for their NAP horse racing tip because this should always have the highest strike rate.

If the NAP of the day is consistently losing, then you may want to rethink your chosen horse tipping service.


How do you win at horse racing?

There are many ways to win at horse racing and you do not need to be rich as Bill Gates or as smart as Einstein to do it.

To win at horse racing you could follow any of the strategies below:

  • STUDY FORM: where you study all previous races and decide on the most likely winner
  • FOLLOW THE MONEY: where you follow where the main money is going by watching the bet volumes on the exchange
  • SOCIALISE: Make friends in racing who will tip you off when there is a good bet
  • WRITE A COMPUTER PROGRAM: many people today write algorithms for computers to pick the most likely winner
  • BUY A HORSE: You can buy a horse in a syndicate from as little as £65 and bet your horse when it is most ready to win
  • JOIN A RACING TIPPING SERVICE: Join Racing Room. We’ve done all of the above on your behalf.


How often does the favourite Horse Win?

A horse favourite wins on average roughly 35% of the time. But be careful when following favourites because the return is less because the odds are lower… and the longest run without a favourite winning is 33 races!


Is Horse Racing profitable?

For most people horse racing betting is not profitable. That is why it is essential to create a strategy and stay disciplined.

Punters who do not understand horse racing and bet like this create the market for punters who know horse racing. This includes stables, trainer, owners, jockey is etc.

Most tipster services don’t actually have these contacts and they profess that second-hand information is true info. At Racing Room, we know this is not the case and we take a lot of pride in knowing our information is straight from the horse’s mouth (so to speak!).

On top of genuine, direct info – you also must be aware of all other factors that could affect the results of the race. For example, I could know my horse is very well handicapped and outperforming his rating at home, but then maybe the race they are entered into also contains some very well handicapped horses or the weather conditions have gone against us.

Several factors that could impact the results of a race are:

  • Draw (Position/number in the stalls)
  • Going (Firm, Good to firm, Good, Good to Soft, Soft, Heavy)
  • Are the other horses trying or fancied?
  • Has the selection got a penalty for winning last time out?
  • Has the selection dropped in the weights?
  • What class is the race? Has is gone up or down in class?
  • It is a handicap or listed/group race?
  • Etc.


As you can see, there are so many factors that affect todays horse racing tips. Not to mention they are animals at the end of the day. Just like us, they can wake up on the wrong side of the bed or with a bad back!

If you want to study horse racing form yourself then the main websites for the raw data are: , and .

If you are brand new to horse race betting, I would suggest signing up for the free trial of Racing Room and doing a min deposit with a promo code to get a free bet credited to your betting account so you can have a small stakes bet on uk ire horse racing. Various bookmakers have different offers and in some cases £5 could be a qualifying bet for a £40 credit but these usually expire after 7 days. These customers only offers sometimes allow you to bet on the sportsbook market and sometimes appear as a casino bonus which obviously isn’t helpful for horse race betting! It’s also helpful to be aware of your bet and payment method. I.e. how you will deposit and be able to withdraw your funds and how quick. For example, you could use cards or paypal for different bet types and settlement of bets. Usually funds are returned quicker to paypal. Nobody wants to have their stake not returned!


Get the best horse racing odds

One mistake racing newbie’s make when betting is not getting the ‘value’. The value is the highest odds possible on a selection, especially if it is moving in the market.

Handy tools to check the best odds for your selection are: or

Oddschecker allows you to check all the bookies prices in real time and betfair exchange shows you the price other punters are willing to provide you.


To use a horse racing tips service or not?

If you’ve read all the above and you still don’t have a clue about Horse racing and what makes a good bet, why not try out the Racing Room for 1 month HALF PRICE and see how you get on?

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